Faces in Holes

When you are on the couch with a chest cold, what is the number one remedy? 
Robitussin?  Noodle soup?  Lots of rest? 


Because you've caught up everything in your DVR queue.  Finished any knitting or other couch project possible.  Sick dialed everyone available.  Ate everything in sight.  Read every post on crackbook.  Scoured Pinterest...and on and on.  So the only other possible option is to put faces in holes.  And every time I type that sentence it makes me laugh anyway.  I'm going in the order of friends who comment on FB...just for the hey of it.  Off we go....

One of my all time fave movies.

I just wanna TICKLE 'em.


What a hot couple!

Just a little dude and his horse.

Whatcha gonna do???

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