FREAKY FRIDAY: Halloween Decor

Let me first say that typically I'm a lover of kitschy, cutesy, vintage and magical goodness.  Most of the time. 


Now THIS time of year is a completely different story.  The darkness in me bubbles to the surface.  Not that I myself am scary, but my imagination kind of takes a turn into creepy town.   Jekyll and Hyde stuff.

Some houses might be decorated with happy little pumpkins, some witchy silhouettes and maybe a few strands of orange lights.  And like I said, that's my mind set around 10 months out of the year! 

That route is all good and sweet, but in our household it's gore galore. 

Mannequins in every corner watching.  Contemplating. 

Cobwebs, disturbing dolls, skeletons, props, apothecary jars filled with discarded limbs. 

It's quite a sight for these few months around here!  That's before everything is transformed into an over the top Christmas Wonderland of course.  But for now it's blood splatters, faux weapons, snarls and all around creepy goodness.  I really should have went to school for theatre because I love decorating so much.  This season I want to learn to use Mister Hubs miter saw to make my own "structures."  You know...coffins and such. 

Little Baby Clown holding a "Come Closer" sign

Last year was a Carnival of Carnage theme with Killer Clowns.  Let me tell you, it's not just the little kiddo's who are afraid of clowns.  Adults are equally freaked out.  We had a lot of laughs.  This month is going to be an Insane Asylum and I'll post the mayhem in November. 
                                                         "Bwaa ha haaa."

                           We wouldn't have it any other way.

Halloween 2009 / Zombie Apocolypse
(I was hongreee...poor dollie)

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