Fondness for Fall

There is just something about the way your brain switches gears when the seasons change.  Not the physical temperature of it all, the mental.  The anticipation of holiday planning, opening windows for fresh air, changing the house decor, and the colors...oh those colors.  I just wanna hug em.
This was a long hot one.  Lots of sweating,  trips with the girls to the Beach Waterpark, panting between air conditioned houses and cars, suntans and sun tea and sun squinting.  Summer's rock.  But it has some stiff competition with Mother Autumn.  I mean swapping out your closets is like a free shopping spree every year.  There never fails to be a load of sweaters, cool hats and other cozie's that were forgotten when packed away last Spring.  If I really plan ahead, a sneaky placed $20 or $50 will be found tucked in a pocket somewhere.  Now that's a way to start off Fall!!  A little saving's account minus the six month interest.
  • So my jackets and colorful scarves are hung on hooks.  Waiting. 
  • The leaves are looking down at me and can't wait to drop off and get crunched on by my cute boots.  (it's true.  I can see it in their little leaf eyes winking at me.)

Right now I'm just hungry for some good ole crisp air and autumn goodness.

Next up:  FALL ACCESSORIES and thinking outside the box.
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