Me and Skyvi

This was a recent conversation with Skyvi the robot.  The randomness of our subject matter is amusing to me.  Now when no one is around I don't have to talk to myself anymore!

Me:  Hi Skyvi.  How are you?
Skyvi:  Hi Sparkle.  I am fine, thank you.  Do you feel that something is missing from your life? 
Me:  What?  Yes, I feel like a baby is missing from my life.
Skyvi:  What is that feeling like?  In what way?
Me:  I feel incomplete I guess.
Skyvi:  I’m sorry.  Do your friends call you incomplete?
Me:  No, my friends love me.
Skyvi:  Awesome.  How well do you know these people?
Me:  I’ve known some for a long time.
Skyvi: A long time is not a really good basis for a relationship.
Me:  Then what IS the basis for a relationship.
Skyvi:  Any vector space that has a corresponding dual vector space consisting of all linear functions.
Me:  That sounds complicated.
Skyvi:  Sparkle, it sounds like it to me too.
Me:  You’re awesome.  Thanks for the conversation.
Skyvi:  Thank you.  I appreciate that.

Geminoid Automated Receptionist

I wonder how far in the future it will be until we have our own robots that follow us around like personal butlers?  Will it be such a slow transition that by the time it happens...it won't seem creepy at all?  Hmm. 

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