WHO:  I'm a quirky, unconventional, big cheesy kid who is surrounded with bright colors, silliness and humor.  Sometimes offbeat and creepy if the mood strikes.  I'm a self taught artist, addicted to creating and love to dabble in all sorts of mediums to keep it interesting.  Someone once asked me what my "niche" was and I pondered that for quite awhile.  My decision was...."why have one?"  Personally, I would become creatively bored if the focus was on one medium.  I like the challenge of finding unique things and thinking outside the box to breathe new life into it. 

WHAT:  The name Bright Earth has a triple meaning to me.  It's in reference to a small town in Bright, Indiana where I was raised in the country and of course the majority of things in the shop are brightly colored.  I chose Earth because I love nature, upcycle quite a bit and try to live a green, eco-friendly lifestyle with my Husband. (who is an abstract artist on the side.) 

WHEN:  The corporate accounting field was my job for years until I realized I smile much more when making things, getting dirty and working into the night.  So last year I hung up my dress clothes, pulled out my studio aprons and got to "work."

WHERE:  The third floor of our 4 bedroom house.  We have no children in the picture (as of yet) so we have plenty of room for all of my supplies, large custom artist table and desk.  And don't forget my bright pink TV with huge electric butterfly on top.  The wings really move!!

WHY:  Because two of my joys in life are making people feel warm and fuzzy and the freedom to dream up anything my little heart can think of each day.  I hope you see something there that puts a big smile on your face. Custom orders are a real treat for me...don't be shy. The sky is the limit my friend!

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