Faces in Holes

When you are on the couch with a chest cold, what is the number one remedy? 
Robitussin?  Noodle soup?  Lots of rest? 


Because you've caught up everything in your DVR queue.  Finished any knitting or other couch project possible.  Sick dialed everyone available.  Ate everything in sight.  Read every post on crackbook.  Scoured Pinterest...and on and on.  So the only other possible option is to put faces in holes.  And every time I type that sentence it makes me laugh anyway.  I'm going in the order of friends who comment on FB...just for the hey of it.  Off we go....

One of my all time fave movies.

I just wanna TICKLE 'em.


What a hot couple!

Just a little dude and his horse.

Whatcha gonna do???


Engage Me

The other day I woke up in a terrific mood.  I've been arm wrestling with a cold for around a week, but for some reason it was a great day.  While out running errands to the bank, grocery, etc...something came over me.  A sense of goodwill.  Call it holiday cheer...maybe the sun was actually shining or something for a change.  Now, I consider myself a social person who doesn't shy away from a conversation, but usually I live in a little bubble like most.  Concerned and preoccupied with my own day to day to do list.  On this particular afternoon I was chatting up everyone within earshot. 


SCENERIO ONE - Traffic was unusually slow on a main strip through town.  I was behind an Altima for about 4 blocks and her license plate read:  1 DIVA   That was funny to me and I wondered if she was someone with a sense of humor or a real life diva with bitchy tendencies.  It turned out that she found a parking spot and pulled in while I was still sitting in traffic waiting for the light to turn.  Rolling down my window I hollered, "Nice license plate!"  A cute woman in her mid 50's came over laughing and replied, "Yeah, good one huh?  Some people take it seriously though and think I'm a bitch.  It's funny right?"  I agreed with her, the light changed and we both went our seperate ways smiling.  A simple little episode occured, but with it came a fun sense of connectedness with a stranger. 

SCENERIO TWO - It was a weekend so my bank was closed.  A deposit needed to go in, but I'm not a huge fan of ATM's.  Not sure why.  Maybe it's stuffing my money into an envelope and sending it to no man's land instead of a breathing persons hand is unnerving to me.  Plus, I worry about a random passerby junkie that might need cash and spies me with a handful of it.  So I'm at the machine going step by step...really slow to make sure I don't screw it up.  There is an adorable asian girl in her 20's behind me waiting patiently.  I turn around..."sorry, I'm an ATM cash deposit newbie....it freaks me out."  She laughed and said, "OMG...I totally know what you mean!  My first time I was scared to death!!"  So we chatted up a storm about our fear of sending hard earned cash into the abyss.  Again, we walked away with smiles and wished each other a great weekend.

So, my point is that we all need to engage a little more.  Smile at each other.  Practice better driving habits.  Slow down to let people in, wave a thank you when someone does it for you, flash your lights to let a car go before you or a person using the crosswalk.  Let that person behind you with the 2 items skip ahead of you and your full cart.  Realize that everyone you pass, drive by, wait in a line with, etc has their own story.  Their own problems and joys and fears and dreams just like you do.  I get worried that with the rate of technology improving...we're all going to be lost. 

Lost in our machines.
Lost in our gadgets.
Lost in our minds and oblivious to others.

I hope not.


MONDAY MUNCHIES: Tater Tot Casserole

For the life of me I can't remember who I got this gem from.  Wish it would come to me so I can thank and give them a high five!  It's the quintessential dish for any tailgater, bar, picnic, superbowl, etc.  Pretty much any laid back non-fancy party where the drink of choice is mostly beer.  This is the kind of dish that is a hit with people of the hootin and hollerin variety.  Or where there's a hardcore game of cornhole in session.

So, recently I was rooting around on my baking station (a converted desk in the kitchen with all my gadgets and supplies) looking for some vintage cookie cutters and came across a handwritten recipe for Tater Tot Casserole.  I grabbed a fridge magnet and stuck the index card to the side to remind me that it would make a great Sunday Football dish someday soon.  Well, yesterday was that day!  The original had a tub of sour cream which I changed to french onion dip.  We happened to have some Pepperjack cheese so a 1/2 cup of each was mixed in instead of a full cup of sharp cheddar..  I used fried onions instead of real.  I even put it into a PowerPoint pic for you.  And added the most important part in my eyes to make it a Po Man's dish besides the Tots:  WIENERS!!  Mostly because it's a great word to say.  Wieners.

"Would you like to try my casserole?" 
"Maybe some other time."
"Did I mention it has WIENER'S in it?"
"Well of course!  Load me up!"

Next time I might try adding a 1/2 tub of the dip and 1/2 tub sour cream which would cut down the onion taste a little since there are cheddar fried onions in it also.  There is so much flavor that a cage fight will happen in your mouth upon each bite. 




It's November again.  Say what?  2011 has flown by in its usual manner.  I've heard that the older you become, the faster time seems to slip away.  I suppose there is truth in that.  Maybe it's because you slowly lose your sense of wonderment.  "You mean I'm an ADULT already?  Jeez."  There are more things to occupy your hours.  Stress.  Gadgets.  Stuff.

As much as I shudder at the mention of "Eh. Winter." the changing seasons have been a part of my life since birth.  I can't imagine living somewhere farther up north or down south that doesn't experience all four.  Although in the dead of old man winter's grip at 15 degrees when my snot is frozen, I'd gladly trade with the chick who's learning to boogie board in the Pacific Islands.  It's a change that is necessary I think, not just in the sense of mother nature for me.  It's the time of year to slow down a little.  Contemplate.  Hibernate and ponder.  Then prepare for Spring, rebirth and excitement of warmer breezes.

So, if someone grabbed my arm behind my back and gave me an Indian Rug Burn and told me to pick a favorite season...I'd be forced to say, "Alright!  It's Autumn!  Get off!!" 

This time of year brings back fond memories of...

  ...skips in the woods, swan dives into leaves...

Photo by Muffet
...collecting acorns and other woodland doo dads...

...stovetop hot chocolate with mini's...

...homemade noodle soup...

So this Thankful Thursday I'm very grateful for my appreciation of nature.  For my amazing parents who raised me to be down to earth and take notice of the little things that matter.  I recommend that everyone slow down a bit...from time to time is all...just an hour here and there.  Take a deep breath.  Notice how a tree sways.  Ponder the changing of seasons and what it means to you.  I know you can do it.



I believe in fashion faux pas.  As a matter of fact I'll go a step further and say for the record that, "I love that shit!"  Let me elaborate further.

SCENERIO 1:  You pass someone on the street who is wearing a very nice pair of creased jeans, a Coronado Island Hollister sweater, perfectly wrapped coordinated scarf and designer boots.  A pleasant ensemble.

SCENERIO 2:  You pass someone on the street who is wearing a mismatched, vintage, colorful and offbeat creation.  Free spirited craaaziness!  Aaah! 

Who would catch your eye and make you smile?  If you picked number one...I still like you.  No worries.  Don't beat yourself up.

So, I've been trying to organize my millions of pictures from the 80's and 90's which was the catalyst for this post.  Back in the day we actually PRINTED photos and put them in shoeboxes?  You mean if we took a crap picture, that was it?  The moment was lost?  Awww....that blows.

It's WFT Wednesday, so here are a few fabulous reminders of the outfits of yesteryear.  Oh how I loved the days of wearing whatever you wanted.  It was celebrated.  Free.  Kind of like present day fashion but everything seemed to be tighter, bigger and crazier.  A lot of WTF's.  (in a good way.)

THE NEON:  In your FACE!

THE DENIM:  All over the PLACE!

The men were in touch with their feminine side.

Legwarmers and Headbands:  Lots of working out to be done. 

When dressing hoochie was cool.

Over the top cheesiness was CELEBRATED!!

Here are some Quick tips for restoring vintage pics.  And remember..."don't play it safe!"



I knew Cincinnati had their problems with homelessness and the unemployed just like every other city, but what?  According to this article, 48% of the children in Cincinnati are living in poverty.  I need to research the percentage for Northern Kentucky, gather information on how I can help and raise awareness for our Tristate.  The recent story on Cincinnati.com focuses on a struggling family and the school they attend. 

Oyler is among the schools that has partnered with several local anti-poverty agencies, including the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative, the city health department and the Freestore Foodbank, to help children growing up in poverty get basic needs, such as basic medical care and food.

Oyler is one of 80 sites for the Freestore's Power Pack program, which provides two or three nutritious meals for children on weekends. In 2009-10, the Freestore gave out 74,000 packs, a number that increased to 127,000 the next school year and is expected to increase this year, said Anna Hogan, Freestore communications manager.

More than 1 in 5 children in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky are at risk of missing their next meal.  Data from a Feeding America analysis of the Freestore Foodbank's service area showed late this summer that 22.3 percent of local children (under 18) are food insecure.

I've been pondering what to do for Thanksgiving this year.  Volunteer in a soup kitchen, buy more canned goods than usual for the food banks, put together packs of medical supplies / toiletries or simply donate money.  There are so many in need and it seems each winter is getting colder and colder.  I can't imagine how hard it is for some and I want to make a difference.


FREAKY FRIDAY: Real or Faux?

Halloween is just a few short days away.  Oh joy!!  There is a lot on my plate, so this blog post is all about the Freakies!!  No commentary needed.  Some are obviously photoshopped.  Others...hmmm...you be the judge.

I really have NO clue.

Allegedly...a freaky fish that
washed up on shore in Tampa Bay.

I would wear these!!




I'm super sad right now. 

I finally sat down to relax and got around to reading the paper while watching the World Series with the Hub.  There is an article about Willie Snow.  Some might remember  Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire of '77 in Southgate, Kentucky.  It tragically claimed the lives of 165 people and over 200 injured.  It was thought caused by faulty wires and a group of survivors are trying to show evidence it was actually arson.  Terrible tragedy.

Willie was an employee and rescued numerous people while risking his own life that night.  By coincidence, 11 years later he happened upon the scene of the Interstate 71 Bus Crash that killed 24 children and 3 adults.  It was actually a church youth group on their way back from a fun day at Kings Island and was the worst drunk driving accident in U.S. history.  Here is a survivor documentary.

Willie lived to be 80 and recently passed.  After his life of heroism you would think his funeral would be filled with lots of friends, family and grateful survivors he saved.  People paying their respects and showing him love.  Unfortunately that didn't happen at all.  No one claimed his body and a Mason Funeral Home stepped in to give him a proper burial after a lifelong friend brought it to the public's attention.

What I want to know is "How could this have happened?!"  If someone saved my life it's guaranteed that I would keep in contact.  I didn't know Willie Snow, but I want to thank him for his bravery. 

I have a feeling he's in heaven now STILL being an angel to those in need.



I'm not going to waste a ton of space with talk on this fabulous and glorious HALLOWEEN WEEK. Instead let's highlight a few of the gazillion costumes out there that make you say, "Whaaat?"  This is one of the long list of reasons that I adore this holiday.  Imaginations are in full force this time of year...more than any other.  Props, parties, contests, clothes you would NEVER wear, wigs and make-up.  If you can dream it, they will come.  Or something like that.

So here we go kids...
  10 So Wrong Costumes!
(that I would love to see in person and make use of my pointer finger)

Creep Factor Score:  A+

Let me put my chin in my palm and ponder that for a few minutes.

This is a great example of the "HEH?" that I was talking about.

Taking literal meaning to a new level.

Loved by drunken frat boys across the land.

Who doesn't love any costume or joke about Balls? 
You just read the word "Balls" and smiled right?
(see what I mean?)

Uber scary.  Reminds me of the Cat Lady.

Maybe because it's out there in the field all alone
instead of someone's porch, it really kicks the creep level up. 
It's just hanging out all, " I'm a scary alien thing.  What's up?"


           Dial "O" for the Operator.

Waaait a minute...after scrolling through this selection, I see that the majority are costume creations focusing on the genitalia.  That wasn't a theme I was going for you know.  Really.  They just happened to be the most Creeptastic and IN YOUR FACE.
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