I believe in fashion faux pas.  As a matter of fact I'll go a step further and say for the record that, "I love that shit!"  Let me elaborate further.

SCENERIO 1:  You pass someone on the street who is wearing a very nice pair of creased jeans, a Coronado Island Hollister sweater, perfectly wrapped coordinated scarf and designer boots.  A pleasant ensemble.

SCENERIO 2:  You pass someone on the street who is wearing a mismatched, vintage, colorful and offbeat creation.  Free spirited craaaziness!  Aaah! 

Who would catch your eye and make you smile?  If you picked number one...I still like you.  No worries.  Don't beat yourself up.

So, I've been trying to organize my millions of pictures from the 80's and 90's which was the catalyst for this post.  Back in the day we actually PRINTED photos and put them in shoeboxes?  You mean if we took a crap picture, that was it?  The moment was lost?  Awww....that blows.

It's WFT Wednesday, so here are a few fabulous reminders of the outfits of yesteryear.  Oh how I loved the days of wearing whatever you wanted.  It was celebrated.  Free.  Kind of like present day fashion but everything seemed to be tighter, bigger and crazier.  A lot of WTF's.  (in a good way.)

THE NEON:  In your FACE!

THE DENIM:  All over the PLACE!

The men were in touch with their feminine side.

Legwarmers and Headbands:  Lots of working out to be done. 

When dressing hoochie was cool.

Over the top cheesiness was CELEBRATED!!

Here are some Quick tips for restoring vintage pics.  And remember..."don't play it safe!"

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