FREAKY FRIDAY: Real or Faux?

Halloween is just a few short days away.  Oh joy!!  There is a lot on my plate, so this blog post is all about the Freakies!!  No commentary needed.  Some are obviously photoshopped.  Others...hmmm...you be the judge.

I really have NO clue.

Allegedly...a freaky fish that
washed up on shore in Tampa Bay.

I would wear these!!




I'm super sad right now. 

I finally sat down to relax and got around to reading the paper while watching the World Series with the Hub.  There is an article about Willie Snow.  Some might remember  Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire of '77 in Southgate, Kentucky.  It tragically claimed the lives of 165 people and over 200 injured.  It was thought caused by faulty wires and a group of survivors are trying to show evidence it was actually arson.  Terrible tragedy.

Willie was an employee and rescued numerous people while risking his own life that night.  By coincidence, 11 years later he happened upon the scene of the Interstate 71 Bus Crash that killed 24 children and 3 adults.  It was actually a church youth group on their way back from a fun day at Kings Island and was the worst drunk driving accident in U.S. history.  Here is a survivor documentary.

Willie lived to be 80 and recently passed.  After his life of heroism you would think his funeral would be filled with lots of friends, family and grateful survivors he saved.  People paying their respects and showing him love.  Unfortunately that didn't happen at all.  No one claimed his body and a Mason Funeral Home stepped in to give him a proper burial after a lifelong friend brought it to the public's attention.

What I want to know is "How could this have happened?!"  If someone saved my life it's guaranteed that I would keep in contact.  I didn't know Willie Snow, but I want to thank him for his bravery. 

I have a feeling he's in heaven now STILL being an angel to those in need.



I'm not going to waste a ton of space with talk on this fabulous and glorious HALLOWEEN WEEK. Instead let's highlight a few of the gazillion costumes out there that make you say, "Whaaat?"  This is one of the long list of reasons that I adore this holiday.  Imaginations are in full force this time of year...more than any other.  Props, parties, contests, clothes you would NEVER wear, wigs and make-up.  If you can dream it, they will come.  Or something like that.

So here we go kids...
  10 So Wrong Costumes!
(that I would love to see in person and make use of my pointer finger)

Creep Factor Score:  A+

Let me put my chin in my palm and ponder that for a few minutes.

This is a great example of the "HEH?" that I was talking about.

Taking literal meaning to a new level.

Loved by drunken frat boys across the land.

Who doesn't love any costume or joke about Balls? 
You just read the word "Balls" and smiled right?
(see what I mean?)

Uber scary.  Reminds me of the Cat Lady.

Maybe because it's out there in the field all alone
instead of someone's porch, it really kicks the creep level up. 
It's just hanging out all, " I'm a scary alien thing.  What's up?"


           Dial "O" for the Operator.

Waaait a minute...after scrolling through this selection, I see that the majority are costume creations focusing on the genitalia.  That wasn't a theme I was going for you know.  Really.  They just happened to be the most Creeptastic and IN YOUR FACE.


MONDAY MUNCHIES: Halloween Suprises

In honor of the almighty Halloween Week, I'm bringing you a few of the easiest and most unique creeeepy treats out there.  I might have to extend this wonderful holiday until Easter so I can try them all.  There's nothing like jello shot eyeballs to steal the show at a birthday party...probably a MALE party though.  Fun food just makes me so happy.  I don't care if it's a simple cupcake flag that says "Be Happy" or a full blown themed out dinner where all the food looks like Elvis.  Not to mention it's so fun to serve the unsuspecting visitor or take a suprise dish to parties.  You know, for the shock factor.  Or for those of you that read my last WTF Wednesday post.  To make people say, "Heh?"

Intestinal Pastry

So simple.  Yet so effective.

Peach Jello Brains

Meringue Bones
(made with only 5 ingredients!)

 Kamikaze Eyeball Jelly Shots

This is only a smattering of examples available on the web.  Look around.  Make up your own!  Find a picture and tweak the recipe to YOUR taste.  The main thang is to have fun doing it and creep out people while doing it.  Happy Halloweenie and get your cook on.


To Theme or Not to Theme

To keep myself on the blogging track, I'm thinking of theming it out.  Seems to be all the rage.  (and since I'm such a follower...not)  I don't want to be toooo cliche and rhymie though.  Here are some thoughts:

Western Wednesday:  Well I don't really know much about the old west.  John Wayne is kind of cool.
Whimper Wednesday:  I could just complain and whine.  You know...in a quiet kind of way. 
Washington Wednesday:  Politics and more politics!  Yeah?  Nah...politics makes my nostrils flare.
Whishy Washy Wednesday:  I'd just hee haw around.  Sort of talk about stuff...but not really. 
Woopdidoo Wednesday:  Rant about things that bore me.  "That new movie?"  "Woooopdidoo!"
Weirdo Wednesday:  It has a good ring to it.  Plenty of subject matter.  I appreciate weirdness.  Hmm.

Settled.  Wednesday's will celebrate weirdo's.  The reason I will be able to easily do this is because there is an overflowing folder and bookmarked sites with questionableness that I have on the desktop.  They make me smile.  I'm not a huge fan of completely normal.  Weird art.  Weird crafts.  Weird toys.  Weird people.  Weird food.  Yadda yadda.

Here is a small sampling of what I mean:

Nature's Toothbrush for Your Colon!

"He was just outside wandering around.  Can we keep him?"

The REAL Gangsta way of showing you're a true Italian.

I need more friends like this dude.

So in closing...there will nevah evah be a shortage of weird people and things in this hilariously grand world of ours.  Thank Gawd!  That means my Wednesday's from now on are going to be pretty easy around these parts.


FREAKY FRIDAY: Halloween Decor

Let me first say that typically I'm a lover of kitschy, cutesy, vintage and magical goodness.  Most of the time. 


Now THIS time of year is a completely different story.  The darkness in me bubbles to the surface.  Not that I myself am scary, but my imagination kind of takes a turn into creepy town.   Jekyll and Hyde stuff.

Some houses might be decorated with happy little pumpkins, some witchy silhouettes and maybe a few strands of orange lights.  And like I said, that's my mind set around 10 months out of the year! 

That route is all good and sweet, but in our household it's gore galore. 

Mannequins in every corner watching.  Contemplating. 

Cobwebs, disturbing dolls, skeletons, props, apothecary jars filled with discarded limbs. 

It's quite a sight for these few months around here!  That's before everything is transformed into an over the top Christmas Wonderland of course.  But for now it's blood splatters, faux weapons, snarls and all around creepy goodness.  I really should have went to school for theatre because I love decorating so much.  This season I want to learn to use Mister Hubs miter saw to make my own "structures."  You know...coffins and such. 

Little Baby Clown holding a "Come Closer" sign

Last year was a Carnival of Carnage theme with Killer Clowns.  Let me tell you, it's not just the little kiddo's who are afraid of clowns.  Adults are equally freaked out.  We had a lot of laughs.  This month is going to be an Insane Asylum and I'll post the mayhem in November. 
                                                         "Bwaa ha haaa."

                           We wouldn't have it any other way.

Halloween 2009 / Zombie Apocolypse
(I was hongreee...poor dollie)

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