To Theme or Not to Theme

To keep myself on the blogging track, I'm thinking of theming it out.  Seems to be all the rage.  (and since I'm such a follower...not)  I don't want to be toooo cliche and rhymie though.  Here are some thoughts:

Western Wednesday:  Well I don't really know much about the old west.  John Wayne is kind of cool.
Whimper Wednesday:  I could just complain and whine.  You know...in a quiet kind of way. 
Washington Wednesday:  Politics and more politics!  Yeah?  Nah...politics makes my nostrils flare.
Whishy Washy Wednesday:  I'd just hee haw around.  Sort of talk about stuff...but not really. 
Woopdidoo Wednesday:  Rant about things that bore me.  "That new movie?"  "Woooopdidoo!"
Weirdo Wednesday:  It has a good ring to it.  Plenty of subject matter.  I appreciate weirdness.  Hmm.

Settled.  Wednesday's will celebrate weirdo's.  The reason I will be able to easily do this is because there is an overflowing folder and bookmarked sites with questionableness that I have on the desktop.  They make me smile.  I'm not a huge fan of completely normal.  Weird art.  Weird crafts.  Weird toys.  Weird people.  Weird food.  Yadda yadda.

Here is a small sampling of what I mean:

Nature's Toothbrush for Your Colon!

"He was just outside wandering around.  Can we keep him?"

The REAL Gangsta way of showing you're a true Italian.

I need more friends like this dude.

So in closing...there will nevah evah be a shortage of weird people and things in this hilariously grand world of ours.  Thank Gawd!  That means my Wednesday's from now on are going to be pretty easy around these parts.

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