I'm super sad right now. 

I finally sat down to relax and got around to reading the paper while watching the World Series with the Hub.  There is an article about Willie Snow.  Some might remember  Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire of '77 in Southgate, Kentucky.  It tragically claimed the lives of 165 people and over 200 injured.  It was thought caused by faulty wires and a group of survivors are trying to show evidence it was actually arson.  Terrible tragedy.

Willie was an employee and rescued numerous people while risking his own life that night.  By coincidence, 11 years later he happened upon the scene of the Interstate 71 Bus Crash that killed 24 children and 3 adults.  It was actually a church youth group on their way back from a fun day at Kings Island and was the worst drunk driving accident in U.S. history.  Here is a survivor documentary.

Willie lived to be 80 and recently passed.  After his life of heroism you would think his funeral would be filled with lots of friends, family and grateful survivors he saved.  People paying their respects and showing him love.  Unfortunately that didn't happen at all.  No one claimed his body and a Mason Funeral Home stepped in to give him a proper burial after a lifelong friend brought it to the public's attention.

What I want to know is "How could this have happened?!"  If someone saved my life it's guaranteed that I would keep in contact.  I didn't know Willie Snow, but I want to thank him for his bravery. 

I have a feeling he's in heaven now STILL being an angel to those in need.

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