Faces in Holes

When you are on the couch with a chest cold, what is the number one remedy? 
Robitussin?  Noodle soup?  Lots of rest? 


Because you've caught up everything in your DVR queue.  Finished any knitting or other couch project possible.  Sick dialed everyone available.  Ate everything in sight.  Read every post on crackbook.  Scoured Pinterest...and on and on.  So the only other possible option is to put faces in holes.  And every time I type that sentence it makes me laugh anyway.  I'm going in the order of friends who comment on FB...just for the hey of it.  Off we go....

One of my all time fave movies.

I just wanna TICKLE 'em.


What a hot couple!

Just a little dude and his horse.

Whatcha gonna do???


Engage Me

The other day I woke up in a terrific mood.  I've been arm wrestling with a cold for around a week, but for some reason it was a great day.  While out running errands to the bank, grocery, etc...something came over me.  A sense of goodwill.  Call it holiday cheer...maybe the sun was actually shining or something for a change.  Now, I consider myself a social person who doesn't shy away from a conversation, but usually I live in a little bubble like most.  Concerned and preoccupied with my own day to day to do list.  On this particular afternoon I was chatting up everyone within earshot. 


SCENERIO ONE - Traffic was unusually slow on a main strip through town.  I was behind an Altima for about 4 blocks and her license plate read:  1 DIVA   That was funny to me and I wondered if she was someone with a sense of humor or a real life diva with bitchy tendencies.  It turned out that she found a parking spot and pulled in while I was still sitting in traffic waiting for the light to turn.  Rolling down my window I hollered, "Nice license plate!"  A cute woman in her mid 50's came over laughing and replied, "Yeah, good one huh?  Some people take it seriously though and think I'm a bitch.  It's funny right?"  I agreed with her, the light changed and we both went our seperate ways smiling.  A simple little episode occured, but with it came a fun sense of connectedness with a stranger. 

SCENERIO TWO - It was a weekend so my bank was closed.  A deposit needed to go in, but I'm not a huge fan of ATM's.  Not sure why.  Maybe it's stuffing my money into an envelope and sending it to no man's land instead of a breathing persons hand is unnerving to me.  Plus, I worry about a random passerby junkie that might need cash and spies me with a handful of it.  So I'm at the machine going step by step...really slow to make sure I don't screw it up.  There is an adorable asian girl in her 20's behind me waiting patiently.  I turn around..."sorry, I'm an ATM cash deposit newbie....it freaks me out."  She laughed and said, "OMG...I totally know what you mean!  My first time I was scared to death!!"  So we chatted up a storm about our fear of sending hard earned cash into the abyss.  Again, we walked away with smiles and wished each other a great weekend.

So, my point is that we all need to engage a little more.  Smile at each other.  Practice better driving habits.  Slow down to let people in, wave a thank you when someone does it for you, flash your lights to let a car go before you or a person using the crosswalk.  Let that person behind you with the 2 items skip ahead of you and your full cart.  Realize that everyone you pass, drive by, wait in a line with, etc has their own story.  Their own problems and joys and fears and dreams just like you do.  I get worried that with the rate of technology improving...we're all going to be lost. 

Lost in our machines.
Lost in our gadgets.
Lost in our minds and oblivious to others.

I hope not.

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