It's going to be a great year.  I can just smell it.

I've spent the last few months crafting non-stop, creating and learning.  I'm full steam ahead.  I tend to hibernate in the winter, (despite many attempts to change this) but since this past fall I've learned a lot by researching and experimenting with ways to branch out my business.  Here are some things I've accomplished recently.

  • Added lots more items to the shop.  It's been fun playing with my Canon options for the best pics possible to showcase what I create.  I might have to upgrade soon.  I've been bitten by the Photography Bug and love capturing things that inspire me.

  • Designed a brochure from scratch that encompasses what I do and who I am.  It's definately a work in progress of course because I'M a work in progress.  I have no background in design, but my attention to detail and color comes in handy.  Time to head to Kinko's.

  • Ordered new magnetic business and post cards at Vista Print (among other cool personalized items like T-shirts, pens, etc)  They have such great deals and a wonderful format to design exactly what you need.  Highly recommended! 

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