MONDAY MUNCHIES: Halloween Suprises

In honor of the almighty Halloween Week, I'm bringing you a few of the easiest and most unique creeeepy treats out there.  I might have to extend this wonderful holiday until Easter so I can try them all.  There's nothing like jello shot eyeballs to steal the show at a birthday party...probably a MALE party though.  Fun food just makes me so happy.  I don't care if it's a simple cupcake flag that says "Be Happy" or a full blown themed out dinner where all the food looks like Elvis.  Not to mention it's so fun to serve the unsuspecting visitor or take a suprise dish to parties.  You know, for the shock factor.  Or for those of you that read my last WTF Wednesday post.  To make people say, "Heh?"

Intestinal Pastry

So simple.  Yet so effective.

Peach Jello Brains

Meringue Bones
(made with only 5 ingredients!)

 Kamikaze Eyeball Jelly Shots

This is only a smattering of examples available on the web.  Look around.  Make up your own!  Find a picture and tweak the recipe to YOUR taste.  The main thang is to have fun doing it and creep out people while doing it.  Happy Halloweenie and get your cook on.

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  1. Strangest assortment of goodies ever...was creepy but made me want to eat body parts...for Halloween. Daughter in Law does a lot of baking and she thought they were grossly awesome!


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