Post Holiday Blinking

It's 2011 already?  Twenty-Ten was a sneaky little thing.  It was a year of changes, contemplation, inspiration and creativity.  And it flew by like an overhead Boeing!

Some things I accomplished in the last twelve months:

*brainstormed a wonderful business name that fits me like a glove
*strategically remodeled my third floor studio & organized supplies
*dabbled in lotsa lotsa artistic mediums to find my niche
*decided I don't have or want a niche
*opened an Etsy shop (and Blog of course!)
*learned photography tips to make my products look their best
*reconnected with lotsa friends thanks to good ole Facebook
*spent a lot of alone time...just me and my psych
*finally embraced the fact that I'm artistically strange and unconventional

Now, honestly there are days I can't focus and might have 8 projects going on at once...all layed out...supplies, tools, clay, papers, jewelry...and sometimes the line between said projects starts to blur a bit.  I'll probably spend the rest of my days in a tug o war with my creativity brain and scatterbrained brain.  At the moment they're holding hands and smiling.  Tommorrow could be a studio door shut tight while pulling my colorful knitting basket to my feet.  For a day of scarves, cowls and hats.  There are ONLY 4 skeins on needles at the moment.

Speaking of yummy yarn...what's next on the List to master?  Crochet animals and toys of course.  Cuteness overload in my book.

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